Monday, November 23, 2015

Small World Christmas Mantel

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Our Christmas decor is officially up! I'm so excited to have the crazy crafting mess cleaned up that had my home in absolute chaos for TWO WEEKS!! This year we decided that our decor needed a little updating. The Christmas mantel has remained the same for three years now, so I really wanted to change things up a bit. The whole theme evolved from a dala horse I found at a thrift store.

I was SO excited when I found dala horse. I knew it meant that my Scandinavian/Around the World Christmas theme was meant to be! I picked new colors this year and settled on the teal and red after finding my stocking fabrics at Joann Fabrics. We had a little trouble finding Christmas decor in our color, but were able to piece together a few things from Hobby Lobby and the at Home store (formerly Garden Ridge).

Most of the pieces on the mantel we had to make. (hence the crafting mess) The windmill was previously a birdhouse that I was no longer using for decor. My husband made the windmill part out of craft wood from hobby lobby and popsicle sticks, and I painted it. At first I was using the cheap craft paints from Wal-Mart, but it was taking so many coats we switched to the $3 Behr paint samples from Home Depot. We were able to custom mix our colors, and got a much better quality paint for three bucks. 

The center piece was by far the most work. My husband made it out of mdf and hand painted it. He also made the little eskimo children by hand. The ducks were thrift store finds with a shot of white spray paint.

We also made a hot air balloon out of an upside down christmas ornament, and a wood craft basket from Hobby Lobby. The tulips were also thrift store finds that I painted to match our theme. 

Overall it was really fun to make, and I wouldn't do a thing differently! Of coarse it does not represent every country from small world, but instead Scandinavia, Russia, the Netherlands and the cold weather countries. I'm really excited to incorporate the new theme into our advent calendar this year, I'll post about that later though:)

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